What Patients Are Saying*

2 weeks ago
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4 months ago
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Musa Usman
6 months ago
I generally have a distrust of doctors. I was anxious and insecure with my first visit and couldn't describe my symptoms adequately. That's just me! However, Dr Tambar comes across as a caring doctor who can potentially help a complicated person like myself. He takes a lot of time to answer your questions. He was kind to my husband and answered his questions as well. Jasmine at the front desk was courteous and friendly the moment I walked in.
Carmen Mendez
6 months ago
I'm a recovering distance runner and have struggled for the last few years with a weak and broken knee and finally feel like I am back on track. Best of all Dr Tambar and his team delivered high quality care and commitement to detail that helped me feel like I was in the best hands. Don't give up, give this a shot. I have no regrets!
Seth Holzwarth
6 months ago
My entire experience with the quality of work by each one of the staff (Dr. Siddharth, Grace, Jackie and Jasmine) was SUPERIOR. I highly recommend Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine.
John Shaughnessy
6 months ago
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Karen Mill
8 months ago
Very professional treatment . Kind and courteous service and care. Would highly recommend.
George Stojanovic
9 months ago
Excellent experience. On time schedule, procedure completed, more than adequate time for questions and answers.
Patricia Ramirez
9 months ago
I know I am in great hands with Dr. Tambar and his staff at Chicago Arthritis. They truly care about me as a patient and have been instrumental in treating my arthritis with diagnosis, treatment, and being a shoulder to lean on. My journey with arthritis has had its twists and turns so I’m glad to have switched rheumatologists to Chicago Arthritis because they have supported me throughout it. When I had a really bad flare up, everyone was sympathetic and worked diligently to get me back on a treatment plan. When I had some higher numbers in some blood work, they explained it to me and we ran further diagnosis to rule out any concerns. When I had some insurance billing issues, they helped me solve the issues and expedited getting my medicine. If you are just beginning your journey or are looking for new paths in dealing with your issues, Chicago Arthritis is the place I would send you, my friends, and my friend family.
Andrew Larson
9 months ago
I have had a great experience with Dr. Tanbar and the entire staff: friendly, helpful and supportive. They really helped me when my pain level increased and my overall situation worsened. I have my (first?) procedure the first part of June and I fully expect the staff will provide this same good service and personal attention.
Jane Murtaugh
10 months ago
I had a fabulous experience at this office for my treatment! The team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. From Dr. Tambar to his entire staff, from beginning to end of the process. The whole staff is really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them completely!
Dee Castro
11 months ago
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Serge Shigitele
11 months ago
Dr. Tambar is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. He encourages questions and doesn't rush. Great Doctor.
Hugo S
11 months ago
Great staff, friendly and professional. Found space for me to do work while waiting during procedure. Positive energy
Douglas Brown
1 year ago
Everyone at Chicago Arthritis were great - very professional and very friendly. The PA's interview was thorough. Dr. Tambar was very pleasant and approachable - easy to discuss my issue with. He was thorough too - asked pertinent questions, and made sure I understood that the tests he was ordering would help with diagnosing my issue. He did an Ultra Sound on my wrist in the examining room, and he took the time to explain to me what we were seeing. In the followup visit, he explained what the test results indicated, and recommended treatment for my condition. At no time did I feel that he was in a rush to see the next patient, like I often felt with the many specialists I saw for my condition. I am extremely impressed by the service I received on both my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Tambar.
1 year ago
I had my first TeleHealth Zoom Appt with Dr. Tambar and it was a very positive experience. His staff was very professional, helpful and caring. They obtained all of my medical history records needed for my appointment, and ensured everything was correct prior to my appointment; it appear to be a very seamless process/effort despite living miles away in another state. Dr. Tambar was very thorough, he listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions regarding my condition, and the treatment I am seeking. I'm very hopeful now that Dr. Tambar will be providing me with his medical expertise🙏😊🙏
C Texas
1 year ago
Great doctor. Nobody could crack my pain issue but he did. Now I feel great.
Gary Doyle
1 year ago
Great appointment, and since it was a zoom call it saved me having to hobble to the office with a bum knee! Dr. Tambar is kind, gentle, and most of all, knowledgeable. He have me valuable advice and a few tips regarding what to do next. I'm forever grateful he was able to squeeze need in before a long trip, too.
Babette N
1 year ago
I see Dr. Tambar for RA. He and his team are terrific. He always takes the time to answer questions and ensures I understand the treatment plan. He and his team are very responsive and appointments are on time!
Diana Ledford
1 year ago
Dr. Tambar provides excellent regenerative medicine care. I appreciate his clear communication with me and his whole staff. He works calmly and efficiently. I feel well cared for. Thank you,
S. Hughes Gingrasso
1 year ago
Dr. Tambar and the rest of the staff were so friendly and professional. His communication during the process was extremely comforting and his precision made the procedures almost painless. My only regret is not having scheduled the procedure sooner! I would absolutely recommend to friends and anyone else who is considering treatment.
Michael Duerr
1 year ago
I am so impressed with your clinic. Everyone is professional and caring. Dr. Tambar is one of the best doctors I’ve encountered. Thanks to all of you.
Mary Ann Miller
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar was very patient and took the time to address all of my concerns, didn’t rushed me during my visit. He was also extremely nice and understanding. I felt very welcomed and that I was at the right place.
Angelica Leon
2 years ago
I was quite impressed with the facility. The woman who did my exam was precise, detailed and professional. I appreciated the in-depth inquiry into my very complicated medical history. I liked the doctor and trust that I’m in good hands.
Marci Del Mastro
2 years ago
The upfront staff was very caring and responsive. The assessment by Dr. Tambar and his PA was very thorough. I came away with what I needed: a full perspective and answers in order to make next step decisions.
Jane Curry
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar was thorough and receptive to all the information I gave him. My experience so far has been excellent
Martina Alvarez
2 years ago
I have always had a positive experience with this company. They always have the best interests of the client and their needs. I highly recommend them to anyone who may need their services.
Lee Rud
2 years ago
I was greeted by a smiling bright-eyed young woman who addressed me respectfully and immediately took care of me. The other staff members were also relaxed and happy and very efficient. The doctor answered my questions and put me at ease. Excellent staff, positive visit‼️
Richard Nye
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar is very caring, attentive and reassuring. I thank him for always litsening and providing the best care possible.
Drashonda Mincey
2 years ago
I value Dr. Tambar’s approach that is grounded in science, holistic, and personalized. And he always takes time to answer all of my questions!
Jodi J
2 years ago
Dr Tambar has been my rheumatologist Dr for years and I am very grateful for his dedicated, brilliant and kind care. I also appreciate his PA Leah Brown and all the other pleasant and efficient staff.
Jane Davis
2 years ago
Dr Tambar and NP Leah are very knowledgeable. Dr Tambar worked promptly in our first session to get the lab results and ultrasounds necessary to verify my RA. Regular follow ups were great to update my treatment and now my current treatment has eliminated my joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. It’s definitely scary to live with RA and I had to be patient to find the right treatment but they did their best to be your advocates and aggressively treat. The only negative is that the billing is archaic. Bills are sent via paper mail. Definitely need to track claims with your insurance for all charges…
Hasani Valdez
2 years ago
Dr. Look like has good professional knowledge and he listened detail problem of patient, and he is very Curtius with patient. His office staff also very nice. I can recmond him.
Mohammad Shahab
2 years ago
I had a wonderful experience with the Chicago Arthritis Regennex center. It was beyond wonderful!! I came in with terrible hip pain and in few short weeks I’m feeling so good I’m pinching myself and can’t believe how great I’m feeling!! From the initial telemedicine visit, Dr Tambar and Devi the practice manager seem to settle any of my anxieties. The entire team, Dr, Tambar, Devi, Leah, the PA and phlebotomists were so professional and perfectionists ensuring to get the procedures done correctly. I’m a Physical Therapist owning my own practice. The last 14 years we focused on patients with chronic pain. The regenerative medicine practiced at the Chicago Arthritis Regeneration Center is ‘state of the art’ and the missing link in the treatment of patients with chronic pain. God bless you all!!!
Carl Patrnchak
2 years ago
If I could give more than five stars, I would! I have been a patient of Dr. Tambar for many years. I have always been impressed with the care that he and his team have provided from day one. From diagnosis to ongoing treatment, the personalized care that I have received is above and beyond any practitioner that I have ever experienced. From the front desk, the practice administrator, the nursing staff, PA Leah Brown, and Dr. Tambar, all have been exceptional. Dr. Tambar goes out of his way to make sure all your questions are answered and that you understand your treatment and options. His personal touch and bedside manner are stellar. In addition to the care and treatment that Dr. Tambar provides, I have been impressed with his ongoing outreach and education through his social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. I highly recommend Dr. Tambar and the team at Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine!
Don Strand
2 years ago
This place is amazing, all the staff are very friendly and very professional. We started my husband treatment with Dr Tambar I could not be more satisfied and happy with what he has done for him. We love chicago arthritis and will always recommend this placed to friends and family.
Lettyg Rodriguez
2 years ago
I have been with Dr. Tamber for long time and I am very happy with his rich experience and taking care of his patients the best possible. We both me and my wife are his patients and are fully satisfied with his professionalism and dedication Towards his Patients. I will Always highly recommends his services.
Mohan Sharma
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. He encourages questions and doesn't rush. He injected pro in my shoulders and now my pain is gone. Highly recommended.
Dr. Daniel Green
2 years ago
Dr.Tambar is really knowledgeable and takes time understanding his patients concerns and questions. The staff are friendly and nonetheless efficient! Would highly recommend to anyone !!
Maria Romero
2 years ago
Every time I come it's like visiting family!! They care I recieved it's well worth it
Pamela Spruill
2 years ago
I was seen in a timely fashion, the staff and physicians were personable and thus far I am receiving the care I need.
Chrystal Caden-price
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar and his staff are just great in their efforts to help their patients. Always friendly, professional, and compassionate.
Jonathyne Briggs
2 years ago
my experience at my appointment on 6 Nov 2020 was ok. thank you.
Bruce Baker
2 years ago
Great experience! Would highly recommend seeing Dr. Tambar with any concerns!!
Sarah R
2 years ago
Definitely have an amazing staff here. Very thorough and very helpful. Felt terrible that I was a little late to my appointment but they took me in right away anyway. Truly amazing experience! Highly recommend!
Javi L.
2 years ago
Dr Tambar is treating patients with their own cells, amazing! The outcome after treatment rejuvenates and repairs damaged tissue! No injections that kill tissue, no removing tissue or replacing joints for me. This is the future of medicine when done correctly!
Thomacina Jungmann
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar and his team never fail to dilver excellence service. I’ve had many procedures done with him due to many injuries. I have had mild to severe partial tears in my neck, shoulder, knees, and this week I’ll be taking care of my lower back, bicep along with the tricep. I know I’m a broken down car, but I’ll pick this regenerative medicine over surgery any day of the month. I would highly recommended going in for a consultation if your suffering from any degenerative condition. Dr. Tambar thank you again for your outstanding work.
Juan Romero
2 years ago
I couldn't be more pleased with the experience I had at Chicago Arthritis. Not only was the care team very attentive to my needs, but my experience with Dr. Tambar was one of the best I've ever had. Dr. Tambar took the time to fully understand and assess my condition, very candidly explained my treatment options, and very transparent about my expected outcomes with treatment and short/ long term implications of abstaining from treatment. I was assessed for problems with both of my hands and, after evaluating the conditions of the nerves in both of my hands, Dr. Tambar empathetically informed me that my right hand would likely require surgical intervention but that my left hand was a great candidate for a Regenexx procedure. I opted to have both hands treated and I'm delighted to say that my left hand (the one that was given a decent candidacy rating) responded very well to treatment, and my right hand resulted in almost exactly what Dr. Tambar advised me of before treatment. Unfortunately, my right hand had digressed to the point that surgical intervention was necessary (just as Dr. Tambar informed me), but I couldn't be happier with the results I experienced in my left hand. Thanks to Dr. Tambar, I was able to avoid a second surgery and got back to weight lifting and typing far faster than I could have and with considerably less pain and downtime than surgery would have yielded. I strongly advise that anyone looking for non-surgical options for treatment of orthopedic conditions see Dr. Tambar; I can personally attest that he will give you a straightforward assessment of your condition and treatment options and may help you avoid surgery!
Brian Dommer
2 years ago
I had great experience T Chicago Arthritis. The staff was friendly and helpful. No wait time. My Dr was wonderful. Asked so many questions about my issues. Cared about me and my discomfort. Was very though with every procedure. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.
Kelly Pasek
2 years ago
The first positive feeling I received was the courteousness of the front desk staff. Dr. Tamber was very thorough, he ask numerous questions about my medical history and symptoms I was having. I would recommend this medical office to anyone.
Glover Bedenfield
2 years ago
Dr Tambar and all of his team members are very kind and helpful! I will highly recommend to anyone.
Kevin Menendez
2 years ago
Dr. Tambar and Physicians Asst. Leah have been doing a wonderful job for me for many years. They drained fluid from my knee on the same day I called. It was a world of difference that a doctor from IBJI never even suggested. I wish that I would have called Dr. Tambar over a month ago when this started. Hopefully this painful month is over. Stick with the doctors you know do a good job. Thanks you guys!
Marcy Derfler
2 years ago
My treatment plan has been effective. Dr. Tambar has been consistently attentive to any changes in my condition and patient in explaining each step in my treatment. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of care I’ve received.
Gerald Clark
2 years ago
I have sought medical expertise three times now at Chicago Arthritis & Regenerative Medicine, the first time to address an arthritic and swollen ankle, the second time to address a spreading swollen calf, and the third time to seek blood test results for a potential cause. In all instances , not only was the desk staff, technicians and therapists very warm, welcoming and professional but the founding Rheumatologist Dr. Siddharth Tambar proved attentive, caring, discerning, and ultimately helpful in healing my ailment. That is why I am rating this medical practice the highest stars.
Paul Janowitz
2 years ago
I just moved to the city and needed to find a rheumatologist and was referred to Dr. Tambar. I could not be more satisfied with the doctor and the staff. Every person I interacted with was so incredibly kind and helpful. The office was clean and had a great vibe. Excited to get this right on my first try.
Stvn Smth
2 years ago
I have been with Dr. Tambar and Chicago Arthritis since I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago. Dr. Tambar and his staff have been a Godsend! He listens to you when you talk, not typing on the computer! When the pandemic began, I sent many frantic e-mails to his PA, Leah, and she answered me right away. The office staff is ALWAYS pleasant and willing to help. They are always willing to go the extra mile when working with the insurance company or other members of my care team. 5 stars!
J.a. White
3 years ago
Excellent customer service and excellent care! Way above and beyond what was expected!
Max Molder
4 years ago
The entire experience was great from start to finish Dr. Tambar is extremely professional , friendly well educated and number one in the nation and the staff is friendly/ accommodating and went above & beyond my expectations . I’ve researched for over a year before I had my treatment done (lower lumbar ) the treatment they offer at Chicago Arthritis is truly one of a kind & custom per situation. There are many scams out there so please be careful & follow the science, results of patients and remember there treatment is a natural cure not a band-Aid epidural injection. I obtained some of the information from Regenexx company the original creature of the generative treatments , they started in 2005 in Phoenix Arizona. As the company perfected it’s treatment and started to grow, they certified other physicians throughout the nation. In the Chicago land area there’s only one certified Regenexx trained location (Chicago Arthritis). My first round of treatment had wonderful results & no longer taking my Vicodin/ naprosyn or any other pain meds , my pain level is currently around a 3-4 out of ten , so I’m probably going in for one more procedure which should put me at a zero . I would definitely recommend the Regenexx treatment depending on were your located the treatment isn’t typically covered by the insurance , so I guess it’s a personal decision although what’s the Value of living pain free ?
David Murillo
4 years ago
Very pleasant experience. All staff from the front desk to the MD were extremely pleasant and respectful. Would definitely recommend to others.
Michelle Nordstrom
4 years ago
Great doctor and listens to your concerns! Always on time. Girls in office very friendly and efficient . Love the new location great parking and the office is spacious.
Marykaye Green
4 years ago
After I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, I struggled to find a great Rheumatologist. I was very grateful to have had a friend recommend me to Dr. Tambar and his staff. He is wonderful and so is his staff.
Alfie Omega
7 years ago
I love working with Dr.Tambar, and his staff. Very professional.
Mack Dee
8 years ago
I have osteoarthritis in my shoulder and the treatment I received from Dr. Tambar and his staff is one of the best medical experiences of my life. They are prompt, courteous and knowleable. I saw Dr. Tambar multiple times and I rarely had to wait longer than 2 or 3 minutes in the waiting room. Dr. Tambar not only took the time to explain my condition and treatments in detail to me, he is also a good listener and paid attention when I described my symptoms. (Listening can be a rare quality for some physicians and specialists.) I could not be more satisified with the entire process, from start to finish. I can recommend Dr. Tambar without reservation.
Gary Stephens
8 years ago
Great concept-is there anything for ankles on the horizon?
Fritzi Heckel
10 years ago
Great experience. I've been seeing Dr Tambar at Chicago Arthritis since 2008. He's treated a few different issues for me. His office staff has done a great job helping me out as well.
Rue Sobel

*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.